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Residential Mortgage Transactions by U.S. Finance Group, LLC

At Miami Beach Brokers®, we take pride in offering comprehensive services that cater to your diverse real estate needs. To ensure the seamless handling of all residential mortgage transactions, we exclusively partner with U.S. Finance Group, LLC. Led by the dynamic duo, Bob and Anna Weishaus, U.S. Finance Group, LLC brings decades of invaluable experience and expertise to the forefront of your real estate journey.

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A Brief History of U.S. Finance Group, LLC

U.S. Finance Group, LLC has a storied history that underscores the vision and dedication of its founders, Bob and Anna Weishaus. Bob’s impressive background in the financial industry, including pivotal roles in major companies, laid the foundation for their journey. In the early 2000s, his remarkable success in buying and selling hundreds of homes led to the acquisition of U.S. Finance Group LLC. Bob’s keen understanding of the intricacies of real estate finance drove him to expedite loan closing times, ensuring the swift return of investment capital.


The economic turmoil of 2008 presented challenges that forced the non-renewal of brokerage licenses in 2009. However, Bob’s unwavering belief in the company’s potential led him to retain the name and LLC, with the intent to reopen when the time was right. About a decade later, his wife, Anna, took the reins, successfully revitalizing the business into a thriving mortgage loan origination company.

Bob and Anna's Unparalleled Expertise

Anna Weishaus, with her extensive experience as a licensed mortgage loan originator since 2002 and her commitment to managing multiple responsibilities, is a driving force in the real estate finance industry. Her dedication to family and business alike demonstrates her unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Business & Commercial Lending for the acquisition and growth of your business and/or commercial real estate portfolio!

Christopher Lazaro's Trusted Partnership

The decision for Christopher Lazaro, owner of Miami Beach Brokers®, to partner with Bob and Anna and place his mortgage license with U.S. Finance Group, LLC was easy. Their friendship spans more than a decade and is built on trust and mutual respect. This longstanding relationship, combined with the unparalleled experience and dedication of Bob and Anna, made placing his mortgage license with U.S. Finance Group, LLC a natural choice.


Miami Beach Brokers® is proud to collaborate as a marketing partner with U.S. Finance Group, LLC, a company founded on vision and fueled by experience. With the knowledge and dedication of Bob and Anna, your residential mortgage transactions are in the best hands. Trust in our trusted partnership to guide you through your real estate finance journey with confidence and success.

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