Happy Memorial Day 2021!

Dated: May 31 2021

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Memorial Day 2021 - A Miami Beach Brokers® branded post

On behalf of Miami Beach Brokers®, Thank you to all the veterans & fallen heroes whose tremendous sacrifices have made Liberty & Freedom possible within this great country!

On a personal note and I published this on my personal Instagram @MiamiBeachBroker 

This weekend we honor our fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We must never allow ourselves to lose sight of what our fallen heroes not only died for but also the evil they fought against! I think a big reason for today’s political divide in the USA is that some have become complacent, and even bored within the luxury & privilege of the very freedom all Americans enjoy; and there are those in power, particularly in the media and within our largest corporations, that see a pathway to more power & profits via gaslighting the complacent into action on false narratives. It is stunning to me that these people would burn down our institutions, recast our nation as evil & intolerant, and even support implementing the very systems & economics that birthed the very evils our veterans died fighting against! I say this: our country was founded on ideals and, in of itself, was never perfect and likely never will be; however, only a fool would argue that after 200+ years we as a nation are not closer to having achieved those ideals than we are today! The real enemy of both the people and our fighting men & women are \ the Political class and it is against them and their endless thirst for more power that “We the People” should be standing united against.

Memorial Day 2021 - Personal Note from Miami Beach Broker - Quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt

Yours Truly,

Christopher Lazaro

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