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Miami-Dade Re-opening:

Having been largely spared from Hurricane Isaias, outdoor facilities including boat ramps, marinas, and parks as well as restaurants will reopen today in Miami-Dade County.  

Mayor Dan Gelber wants to "Reinvent" South Beach

The full article can be found --->here<--- but the long and short of it is a proposal suggesting alcohol not be served after midnight, a policy that will only put more pressure on South Beach businesses than already exists.  Vast numbers of businesses have been built around the hospitality and entertainment industry, a large part of which is built around the nightlife South Beach has become so famous for.  Changing this paradigm will come at a much larger cost than the Policing he cites as being too costly.  At the same time, pedestrianizing Ocean Drive, I believe, is a good idea as the level of congestion from car traffic on a busy evening is nothing short of epic.  I also agree with his position on increasing investment into the Arts & Cultural draw of South Beach as these too are historically iconic aspects of Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Mandates Mask Wearing Indoors & Outdoors

Violators will be subject to a 50.00 Civil Fine and certain people or people performing certain activities are exempt.  See the full article --->here<---

COVID-19 Independent Statistics & Reporting for the State of Florida

I found a website called Tallahassee Reports which has been maintaining and reporting on the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Click --->here<--- to see the latest numbers.